Growth Lead


Gantry is building infrastructure and developer tools to help machine learning teams turn their projects into production-grade machine learning systems. We offer an Evaluation Store, a single source of truth for model performance metrics. Our tool helps machine learning teams understand the performance of their models in production and make operational decisions like whether to deploy, when to retrain, and what data to label and retrain on.

Gantry was founded by Josh Tobin, former OpenAI researcher and co-creator of Full Stack Deep Learning, and Vicki Cheung, former founding engineer at OpenAI and Compute team lead at Lyft. Gantry is well-funded and backed by top-tier venture capital firms and angel investors including Pieter Abbeel and Greg Brockman.

We value diversity and encourage candidates from underrepresented groups to apply.

Gantry is looking for a Growth Lead to work on expanding the number of active users getting value out of our product. This is a multifaceted role — you’ll be working on everything from content creation and community building to removing friction in the onboarding experience. It mostly requires writing and marketing skills, but we’re looking for someone with an eye for / interest in analytics and product as well. We're looking for someone who is excited to both work on strategy and execute on the details yourself. That means that you could be helping our leadership team decide what product features to prioritize on Monday, writing a blog post on Tuesday, and helping a user with a customer support issue on Wednesday.

Some of your responsibilities will be:

  • Helping us decide what content we should produce to engage with the community and drive interest
  • Identifying product features we should promote and expose
  • Writing a lot of content, and coordinating and editing the writing others produce
  • Talking to users to understand what appeals to them about Gantry, what they don’t understand, and what’s slowing them down from becoming a user
  • Helping define the roadmap and prioritize features for our nascent self-serve experience

Skills and experience needed:

  • You deeply understand machine learning and data science either through your educational background or your work experience
  • You have good intuitions for what it’s like to work on a ML team and how to make their lives easier
  • You’ve been part of a technical community - even if just as a lurker - and you’ve seen what engaged, active communities look like
  • You enjoy writing technical content and have good intuitions for what makes good / bad technical writing
  • You’re comfortable talking to users
  • You might have a strong following on social media platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn