Engineering Manager


Gantry is building infrastructure and developer tools to help machine learning teams turn their projects into production-grade machine learning systems. We offer an Evaluation Store, a single source of truth for model performance metrics. Our tool helps machine learning teams understand the performance of their models in production and make operational decisions like whether to deploy, when to retrain, and what data to label and retrain on.

Gantry was founded by Josh Tobin, former OpenAI researcher and co-creator of Full Stack Deep Learning, and Vicki Cheung, former founding engineer at OpenAI and Compute team lead at Lyft. Gantry is well-funded and backed by top-tier venture capital firms and angel investors including Pieter Abbeel and Greg Brockman.

We value diversity and encourage candidates from underrepresented groups to apply.

As an Engineering Manager at Gantry, you’ll be instrumental in aiding and guiding our engineers to produce a rock solid product feature set. In addition to helping build an engineering team and culture, you’ll be collaborating with talented individuals to build the best in class Machine Learning and Data Science product. 

What you'll do

  • Work with engineers to organize project workload
  • Gauge project progress and assist in ensuring projects get completed in an acceptable time frame
  • Manage engineers’ career progression, performance and job satisfaction
  • Help guide engineers to be successful by mentoring, prioritizing and assisting in problem solving of engineering tasks
  • Hire and Train new employees

You may be a good fit for this role if you

  • Have 5+ years as an engineer including some with management experience
  • Have excellent organization, problem solving and project management skills
  • Are a proactive, empathetic communicator
  • Have a proven track record of delivering high performing software while building a high performing team
  • Can drill deep into code paths to help determine implementation options and assist the team trade off between various implementation options
Most of the team is based in San Francisco, but we are building a remote-friendly company and welcome applicants from anywhere in the US. We offer competitive salary, a significant equity stake in the company, and full benefits